Argan Oil Esters

Ésteres de Aceite de Argán

INCI: Argan Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Esters

What is Argan?

Argan, from the Argania Spinosa family, is a spiny tree endemic to Morocco and Algeria. The oil is extracted by manual pressing of its nut-like fruits.

What are Argan Oil Esters?

An ester is an organic compound obtained through a transesterification reaction (or alcoholysis in this case) of argan oil and polyglycerin 6. In transesterification, a triglyceride molecule, which is the main component in oil, reacts with an alcohol to separate water, resulting in fatty acid esters and glycerin.

What are Argan Oil Esters used for?

This type of naturally derived ester has various functions. It can be used as an emollient for the skin, an emulsifier to mix immiscible liquids (such as water and oil), a conditioner to maintain healthy skin, or a surfactant to reduce the surface tension of cosmetics and improve product distribution for a more even application.