Rosehip Oil ECO

Aceite de Rosa Canina ECO

INCI: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil*

How is Rosa Canina Oil obtained?
Rosa Canina oil is considered a powerful ingredient for nourishing and regenerating the skin. It is extracted from the rosehips, the fruits of the wild rose, specifically from the seeds contained in the fruit. This shrub is found in forests and hedges. The oil is highly valuable due to the low lipid content of the seeds (2 - 12%). It's worth noting that rosehip belongs to the same family as the dog rose.

Properties of Rosa Canina Oil
Rosa Canina or rosehip oil is known for its high content of omega fatty acids (linoleic acid - 51%, linolenic acid - 19%, and oleic acid - 20%) and its regenerative properties. It is antioxidant due to its high content of tocopherols (vitamin E), carotenoids (provitamin A), and phytosterols. It promotes collagen synthesis, helps restore firmness, and removes dead skin cells thanks to its exfoliating action. Its renewing efficacy results in a reduction in the visibility of imperfections ranging from fine lines to scars and stretch marks. It significantly improves the texture of the skin, leaving it smoother and more radiant.

(*) Ingredient from controlled organic cultivation.