What does UMOA mean?

In East Africa, people often live without many of the comforts that are normalized in our reality. On this side of the world, when our car breaks down, we call for assistance, and when we feel unwell, we go to the healthcare center. But in African communities, things are different. They call upon their neighbors who come together to provide the best possible assistance. Community is synonymous with support and safety. Community equals survival.

The pillar of that community is the sense of unity among each and every member that comprises it. "Umoja" is the Swahili word that defines the union of all members of the community. UMOA comes from this Swahili word. UMOA has a lot of Umoja in it.


UMOA comes from the Swahili word "Umoja," which defines the effort to keep the community united.

at UMOA, we have been working in cosmetics for over 15 years, studying the most sensitive skin and developing projects with social impact.

We know about skin because we have been studying it for the past fifteen years, developing skincare products that are not only effective and safe but also designed to improve the lives of people who suffer from extremely delicate skin. Alongside dermatologists, ingredient manufacturers, and dermocosmetic laboratories, we have invested many hours in studying active ingredients, searching for the most respectful and healthy ingredients for the care of these fragile skins. With UMOA, we go a step further and put this knowledge at your service.

We know about cosmetics because we have been working in the industry for 20 years, observing how trends evolve, participating in their changes, witnessing a digital revolution, and the consolidation of more sustainable cosmetics like natural cosmetics. We see how small brands have been gaining ground against large corporations thanks to a collaborative approach and greater transparency.

We know about development, international cooperation, and philanthropy because we dedicate a significant part of our life and energy to them. We have spent more than half of our professional career in sub-Saharan Africa, living and sharing realities with the communities that UMOA now supports thanks to you.

We also know that each of us wants to feel useful and contribute to causes with an impact. We are aware that we are constantly looking for ways to leave a legacy that surpasses and transcends us. We are becoming less and less fans of charity and prefer to identify ourselves with an active commitment, with fewer intermediaries, that allows us to witness how our actions are positively impacting the lives of others and the planet.


A new way of consuming cosmetics

UMOA responds to the call of a connected, committed tribe that is seeking ways to contribute. And it does so with a clear proposition:

Cosmetics based on effectiveness and transparency but also honest cosmetics, without super-promises or excessively high (or excessively low) prices. But above all, it is activist cosmetics with a soul.

Activist cosmetics because it comes shaking things up, sending messages that contribute to spreading the value of diversity in all its forms.

Cosmetics with a soul because it makes visible and supports a marginalized community due to its Different Diversity, a diversity that is less tolerated and does not "fit in."

        UMOA sales are an alternative channel for fundraising to finance protection, education, integration, and empowerment projects for diversity in all its forms, such as people with albinismin countries where they suffer from exclusion.

        Thus, "helping others" becomes a way to be part of a community that increasingly demands greater space in our society.

        Cosmetics with purpose

        We agree that change begins with oneself, but we also believe that companies must be responsible and offer products and services that facilitate that change, contributing to creating a fairer and more balanced society. At UMOA, we believe in a human and sensitive business culture. We know that, despite the skeptics - who are louder than numerous - there are more and more companies that decide to put social and environmental impact at the center, without neglecting profitability, of course.

        We call this purposeful consumption.

        Because it is possible to consume and have a positive impact. Yes, as naive as it may sound, we are in the market to change the world, and we cannot do it without you and your commitment to join our tribe, our community.


        To ensure that this sense of belonging accompanies us in our daily lives, each UMOA product has a special signature that allows us to reconnect with this purpose.

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