Our vision

We have the vision of an inclusive and supportive society,
y where all forms of diversity are celebrated and where
all individuals enjoy the same rights and opportunities.


Our mission

At UMOA, we want to turn social commitment into a lifestyle and a way of feeling part of the same community.

Through reflection on the different forms of diversity, we seek to mobilize our environment so that we all feel that we can go beyond the integration of diversity in our society, promoting a change of attitude in the people around us.

But we also put at your service the deep knowledge of the skin of an international team of experts dedicated to the study and care of the most delicate skin.

We have materialized this in the development of a line of cosmetic products formulated with rigor, honesty, and respect for the environment.



We propose a cosmetics based on effectiveness, honesty, and knowledge of delicate skin.

Our ingredients are 100% vegan, while 80% of our active ingredients come from organic farming.

The quality and effectiveness of our cosmetic products are endorsed by independent expert entities that conduct clinical, dermatological, and instrumental studies to validate the safety and results of our formulas.

Care to Care

With UMOA, you take care of yourself while taking care of another vulnerable person. 10% of UMOA's profits are reinvested in social impact initiatives for the defense and celebration of Diversity "in all its forms".


# No Different Diversity

UMOA is a speaker to spread inclusive messages and promote values of respect, coexistence, and celebration of all types of diversity.

We work on the protection and integration of those marginalized for being different, such as people with albinism in some parts of Africa.

Care for the Environment

To take care of people, we cannot neglect the planet, the place we all call home.

Our commitment has led us to ensure that the ingredients we use come from nature and are completely vegan, not to mention that they do not come from animal testing. We strive to support organic farming, minimize the use of plastic and paper, and maximize the use of sustainable materials.