Una marca de cosmética natural, honesta, de eficacia testada y fabricada en España, pero sobre todo una marca cuya voluntad es cambiar la forma de cuidarnos, añadiendo el propósito de hacer mejor la vida de otra persona.

Porque UMOA es CARE to CARE: cuidando de uno mismo, también se puede cuidar de otra persona.

Nacemos para ofrecer una alternativa de consumo cosmético más sostenible, sin renunciar a la eficacia y al disfrute de una experiencia sensorial, y poniendo al servicio de todos el conocimiento de la piel de expertos en el cuidado de las pieles más delicadas.

UMOA quiere ser un altavoz para que nos movilicemos, y nos demos cuenta de que todos podemos contribuir a dar un paso en la integración de la diversidad en nuestra sociedad, impulsando un cambio de actitud en las personas que nos rodean;  al tiempo que, con nuestras ventas, recaudamos fondos para proteger y defender a las personas que son discriminadas por su diversidad "diferente", una diversidad que parece no responder a los extraños criterios de aceptación de nuestra sociedad. 

Si compartes esta voluntad de cambiar las cosas, te apasiona el cuidado cosmético de la piel, y  quieres ser parte de un entorno start-up donde la escucha esté a la base de una mejora constante, esta es tu aventura y tu equipo.

Sigue leyendo para ver si hubiera una posición abierta que encaje contigo. Si no encuentras nada, envíanos tu CV a y cuéntanos como crees que podrías ser útil para UMOA.

Nos encantará leerte.


Head of Ecommerce

About the position / Position Summary      
As the Head of eCommerce at UMOA, you report to the founders and are responsible for and take full ownership of: defining, leading, strengthening, and implementing the eCommerce roadmap.   
Driving incremental sales growth on UMOA eCommerce through the definition and implementation of conversion optimization strategies, promotional campaigns, SEO optimizations, an improved user experience, and site navigation. Delivers a superior brand and shopping experience for customers on mobile and desktop.
Interprets data and draws conclusions to implement new eCommerce strategies.
Builds a team of specialists. 

  • Defines and implements eCommerce strategy, roadmap, and priorities      
  • Analyze metrics, monitor KPIs and manage the entire conversion funnel.         
  • Defines and implements the SEO strategy to position the online store in the main search engines of our focus markets.    
  • Leads all activity in relation to conversion and a/b testing and reporting     
  • Owns, implements, and comes up with CRO initiatives and processes    
  • Sets up testing frameworks to identify friction points across the website and customer funnel.   
  • Defines go-to-market strategies to implement our new products onto our site with the goal of improving overall customers’ experience, retention, and conversion with optimized and continually tested touch points at every point in the funnel.     
  • Sets up the right eCommerce store touchpoints to support referrals, upsell/bundling, and cross-sell within our product portfolio.      
  • Works with Marketing to execute customer acquisition and retention marketing campaigns through PPC, Social Ads, and Affiliate programs to drive growth and profitability.          
  • Keeps up to date with eCommerce best practices and makes recommendations on new eCommerce opportunities.     
  • Drives innovation and benchmarks competitor sites and D2C eCommerce best practices.    
  • Organizes and optimizes processes internally towards an agile project and high-quality web delivery.
Key Candidate Requirements  
  • 5 years experience in transactional e-commerce within direct to consumer
  • Proven track record of eCommerce turnover responsibility       
  • Excellent analytical and project management skills          
  • Excellent understanding of eCommerce user experience, web design, and web analysis
  • Strong customer empathy and experience shaping product direction based on customer needs         
  • Eye for long-term strategic vision, and can also operate in the details of short-term projects  
  • Hands-on team player with a natural curiosity and growth mindset, and an obsession with details and KPIs         
  • Proficient/fluent in Spanish, advanced English       

Content strategist

About the position 
We are recruiting for a Digital Content Strategist to join our team and help us push forward our vision. 
You’ll be instrumental at establishing our brand and its positioning in the Cosmetic industry.           
Passionate about the beauty business, learning, and storytelling, you will effectively develop and manage our content strategy to help us reach and communicate to our consumers initially in Spain.
You will demonstrate your dedication and collaboration in developing and optimizing outstanding content solutions to lead, train and inspire, ensuring that content follows the company’s  standards and credo and conveys the heart and soul of the brand through our tone and voice.
You will be an expert, on one side, of cosmetic trends, culture, and whatever related with the evolution of the beauty ecosystem. 
and on the other side an expert on social impact and sustainability in line with our brand commitment.   
You will serve as a resource for and collaborator with the rest of the team, providing insight and content support to internal and external stakeholders.         
Will constantly explore new and emerging communication channels and formats
Key responsibilities         
  • The Digital Content Strategist/Manager will be responsible to define and optimize the adequate content strategy of UMOA, a brand that’s about natural, honest, effective cosmetics but before everything else, a brand with a strong social purpose.    
  • Will partner with cross departments and digital/creative agencies to lead and coordinate the creation, innovation and optimization of valuable content across all channels  based on user experience and deep behavioral understanding to generate customer impact.
  • Will make use of Data and Analytics to supervise performance of our digital assets, extract insights and recommendations           
  • Will oversight the development and performance of the full ecosystem of Digital Assets (Web, landings, mailing, Social networks…) as well as the Search Marketing Strategies (both Paid and Organic SEO) in partnership with agency         
  • Working hand in hand with Performance/Growth dept., the Digital Content Strategist will be involved in the optimization of the shoppable content (A/B testitng)  in order to rapidly scale best results.         
  • Will ensure the right content and creativity are implemented in our campaign assets for our partners like facebook and google,      
  • Will partner with our Comms & PR agency overseeing that our content and projects get amplified accordingly based on the media objectives set.       
  • Will be the connection point for internal teams, agencies and other partners like Legal cabinet, Lab, Testing, Regulatory, to ensure overall content process runs efficiently and in an agile way.     
  • Will play a key role in crafting the vital transformations in how we build, approve, publish and deliver content            
  • Define Marketing content taxonomy and metadata structures
  • Will be responsible to identify and control the digital content spend budget (for Web content, Social networks, Paid Search, SEO …)          
Key Candidate Requirements  
  • College / University Degree preferably in Marketing and/or Business but unique background is welcome!  
  • Proven experience in digital content creation & digital marketing across the industry with successful track record.   
  • Comprehensive understanding of the digital content ecosystem and how web, mobile, social, search and e-commerce channels integrate together to optimize behavior, acquisition and sales       
  • Strong SEO and PPC knowledge with capacity to transform into business results     
  • Hands on experience on digital activation and marketing strategy required.     
  • Strong knowledge of how to select and supervise the right content format for the right channel and business needs   
  • Good knowledge of latest MarTech and AdTech trends and solutions, in particular in the area of SEO/SEM, Marketing Automation, Digital content management   
  • Solid understanding of analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.    
  • Proficient/fluent in Spanish, advanced English
Desired Skills and Experience  
  • Hands-on profile with autonomy and flexibility to adapt your scope according to the context evolution and startup demands          
  • Passionate for Digital Marketing and a Digital technology oriented person          
  • 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and/or e-commerce in the content management domain    
  • Consumer & Customer focus    
  • Strategic and Analytical thinking with drive for action     
  • Intellectual Curiosity; providing new ways of looking at the business 
  • Big Picture Orientation with Attention to Detail    
  • Integrity and UMOA Credo-based Actions